connect Xbee series 2 via SN74LVC245AN to Arduino Uno


I try to communicate with 2 Arduinos via a Xbee (series 2) for each board.
my Equipment:
2x Arduino Uno
2x Xbee series 2
2x Xbee Adapter (one for replacement)
2x logic level shifter SN74LVC245AN (one for replacement)
(I want to try the second connection without an pre-factored adapter board)

I am still in the configuration phase for the Xbees.
Connection to PC via the adapter board and the arduino works fine. (configured via XCTU software)
I’m not very fit in the electric part, so I still have some open questions regarding the use of the level shifter (5V <-> 3,3V):

  • do I need any further components (resistors,…)?
  • what about following pins on the SN74LVC245AN - do I need to wire them as well?
    → DIR
    → OE
    → Vcc (guess the 5 V)


  • blueprint, which describes my cabeling (Arduino Uno-SN74LVC245AN-Xbee)
    → For configuration I would switch the wires to the RX / TX pins on the Arduino.
  • SN74LVC245AN datasheet
  • Xbee design drawing

XBee DataSheet_design drawing.pdf (505 KB)