Connect Yun in python with remote PC on the network

Hello, I’m new to Arduino Yun.

My goal is to retrieve information and send commands to/from a remote PC on my LAN via WiFi (not the embedded linux system of the Yun), using a python program, from/to the Arduino Yun board. The idea is to be able to run high-end python computation (using numpy, matplotlib, etc…) and exchange in real time with the Yun board.

My first approach was to use a REST API with YunServer on the board and python-urllib2 on my remote PC. It is functionnal but quite slow to perform the requests.

In the Arduino IDE, the data exchange with the Bridge Console seems to be much faster, so it seems that there’s a mean to communicate (by socket or other ?) directly with the Bridge ? I can’t manage to find info on how the Bridge Console is working on the Arduino IDE.

Is there a good solution for this problem ?