Connected electric vehicles communication protocol via wireless and MYSQL

Soo here is my problem.
I have worked with MySQL databases before (not very much doe) and I'm in the final stage of a contest.We have to make an electric car with arduino and a bunch of sensors.To stay on track, follow lines etc.And communicate with us and send informations regarding position, status, etc.
Everything is good excepting some problems.
First: The WI-fi Communication with an ESP8266.
Wi-fi communication protocol will use the ESP SoC and a library to transport data and perform read/write operations in a data storage.
This is where it starts to get a little bit hard for me:

Communication shall be done using a local router (beetween ESP) using a server with a MYSQL databse.
The mysql table will be imported in the local server of the site.
It might seem a dumb question , but I am a begginer regarding these things...As mentioned i worked with databases very little , but i would like some more details if someone kind is wiling to help.Details about how it works and how i should do to get it done.
I have some ideas but i'm limited on time and some advice would help.
Thank you! :confused: