Connected Nano on my computer

I am a new user ( French user) for arduino system and for my first try I bought an arduino nano, in addition for testing the system I downloaded the arduino application on this site . However my connection between computer and arduino is not possible. ( Computer 64 bits, os windows 10)
I selected the system in Tool, I chose arduino Nano and processor ATmega328, it is not possible to chose the port in the application ( not available )
In my computer I saw usb but the drivers is not accepted by the system , I try to install some others drivers but no one are ok . Do you have any information regarding this problem. Thanks in advance for your answers and your help for my first trying

Usb problem.pdf (187 KB)

An official Arduino Nano has an FTDI chip on the bottom to do USB-to-Serial. Have you installed the FTDI drivers?

You need to post your thread in the Installation and Troubleshooting section of the forum.

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