Connected network

Good morning, I'm developing an application to connect to a database, mysql on a server in the cloud, this application I saved the data also on an SD card, regardless of whether or not the internet is always recorded the data.

But now I need it sent to the MySQL server data stored on the SD card when the internet stops working, ie when the conxexão the internet back it send to the bank that sequence data. Has anyone ever made such an application?

If you can already save data to an SD Card and send data to the web then getting data from the SD Card to the web server should be straigthforward.

How do you propose to identify the records that are on the SC Card and not on the server? i.e. the records that need to be transferred.

Have you written the program that saves the data to the MySQL server and can you add extra capabilities to it?

It would be a good idea to post your existing Arduino program.

Your title does not describe your problem. You could edit your Original Post and change it to something like "Copy data from SD Card to MySQL on the web"


How do you intend to discover that the Arduino can once again communicate with the server?

write a table to sd-card. fill field "sent" = true or false.