Connected pen

Hello everyone!

Firstly, I will introduce myself. I’m a french student and I have to do a project for my school…

I explain to you my project :
I want to create a connected pen. The pen will send information to a smartphone via Bluetooth when I push (or turn) a button.
For example : I turn the button to the red color, I push it and the smartphone receive the information.

So I need a microcontroller with bluetooth chip and battery :
I decided to use “Light bean” product.

So, my project is realizable ?


What is the "Light bean" product? Post a link to its datasheet.

I don't understand the role of a "pen" nor what you mean by a "connected pen". By the way I am assuming a "pen" is a thing you write with.

It is certainly possible to make an Arduino project that sends different messages via Bluetooth when different buttons are pressed. But an Arduino is not a pen.


Ok sorry.. This is Bean : LightBlue® Bean | Punch Through

Anyway, thank you for the reply.
It's a school project So not interesting except for note after :slight_smile:

I just want to send numbers or strings to the smartphone.
Example : I turn 3 times the button, I push it and the smartphone receive "3"

So for you how it's possible ? Sorry I am a noob!

You can buy something like that (with headset/MP3 player functionality) for $30 up.


The Bean looks like an interesting device, but this is the first I have heard of it. I can't quickly see if it can be programmed using code that would work on an Arduino Uno.

I know how to get an Arduino Uno to do what you want.

You have not answered my questions about your use of the word "pen".