Connecting 12v keyboard to RX/TX


I'm new to the arduino community but I have a IT degree.

So, as I don't have any electronic knowledge, I have the following questions.

I've found a keyboard which is powered by 12v and has a D0/D1 connector.

Is there a possibility to read the input of this keyboard on the arduino (as the arduino is 5v).

I've found something about a MAX232 but nothing concrete on what the possibilities are.

I would like to use it as it is waterproof so I can control a relay with the arduino which will open my garage door.

Thanks in advance!

You have not provided the relevant info. Post a link to the datasheet for the keyboard. The acronyms DO/DI are not usually used with serial communications.


What I know about the keyboard is:


It’s also normally connected to a door controlling unit.

Don't you have a link to the product datasheet?

I remain of the view that this is not an RS232 device.

As well as needing information about how to make the electrical connections (which is not obvious from what you have posted) you will need information about the format of the data sent by the unit.

Or do you have the electrical and programming skills to create an Arduino program that can be used to figure out how the thing works?


No, it's a keyboard that's used for a door controlling unit.

What I've found now is that it is a wiegand 26/34 as you can see on the cabling.

There are libraries for that, so maybe this is a possibility.

What I've found now is that it is a wiegand 26/34 as you can see on the cabling.

I don't know anything about that. Hopefully someone else will come along.

Just make sure that anything you connect to an Arduino pin stays strictly within the range 0-5v.