connecting 2 arduinos (micro and uno) via usb port hub

Im trying to have the micro, which has a PING sensor on it, send information from the sensor to the arduino uno (which has an LCD touch screen on it taking up and using every pin on the uno). So i have been searching online for an answer but havnt found anything besides using 12c, which i cant use for this project. the hub the arduinos are attached to has 4 slots on it and i have no idea what library or what to use.

How can I do this?

Software serial

i have no pins available, therefore software serial will not work

Get a Mega


why cant i do it through USB

Which LCD screen are you using on the Uno what uses up all the pins including 0 and 1?


Seeed touch screen uses up all pinsa except for aref ioref and the two unamed pins above each of them

Your best bet would be to get a mega. USB Tx/Rx will not work.

If it's this screen your using then Serial is still available as it does not use D0/D1 aka pin 0/1 aka TX/RX.


According to the link Holmes found, your Tx and Rx are available, you just need to remove the pins and insert you own pins.

ok i have taken out the RX and TX from the screen, it works but im not quite sure how to hook those two pins to the arduino micro, do i just connect TX to TX and RX to RX? what do i do?

Cross wire, Tx - Rx