Connecting 3 axis tb6600 s to Arduino Uno and controlling

I want to build a cnc machine using 3x nema 23 motors and tb6600 drivers. I learned how to connect motors to drivers and powering them etc but the point is I still dont know if I can connect driver boards directly to Uno and be able to use carving softwares like Easel (or GRBL Controller with Grbl files)

Some videos like this (- YouTube) exist but they only give commands to the drivers through Arduino IDE, correct me if I am wrong. I am very unfamiliar to Arduino hardware and software. I have the basic understanding of electronics tough.

I want to learn more about tb6600 and Uno connection and control software in short

The large diagram on this page looks like the easiest way to hook it up to an Arduino.

I think you need to download a G-code interpreter like GRBL and install it on your Arduino. It will take a little messing around to get it configured so that it knows which output is which. Then go for your life with a G-code producer on the PC.

Thanks for the diagram. So I can connect 5v arduino output to En+, Dir+ and Pul+ according to diagram but If I connect three drivers will they share same 5v pin? Only pwm and output pins (En-, Dir- and Pul-) will be changing for the other two drivers. Is this correct?

Edit: Now I found this website for making the connection with default pins. It seems like will it be helpful a lot.