Connecting 5V DC Brushless Fan to UNO


I wish to connect 2 or more 5V DC Brushless Fan (80x80x15mm, DC Brushless Fan - 80x80x15mm (5V) - COM-09649 - SparkFun Electronics) to Arduino UNO. As I do not want to use Breadboard can I use Arduino Motor Shield, Ardumoto, Adafruit Motor Shield, etc?
I am a newbie therefore is there a way to connect them directly to Arduino without Breadboard. If so a scheme will be a great help.


Do you want to turn it on and off ? or do you want to use PWM to control the speed ?
I don’t know if that fan allows PWM on its power wires. I can’t read it does, so perhaps it does not.

A L298 is okay for 12V motors, but it doesn’t work well with 5V motors.
A modern mosfet driver that is capable to run motors at 5V is better :


I just want on/off.

Is there a way to connect them directly to Arduino without Breadboard and control the on/off?


A mosfet + flyback diode + gate resistor is enough. Perhaps also a resistor the keep the fan off at power on.
You can solder that in a wire wrapped with heatshrink. But only if you know how to do that, or else a shortcut might occur some day.

A motor shield (capable to drive 5V motors) will work but also a relay.

The Arduino 5V pin is not strong enough to power this fan. You need a seperate power supply of 5V, even for just one fan, and certainly for 2 fans.

Thanks for the fast reply.

Can you please provide me a schema and what components should I buy as I am not an electrician but rather a programmer.

Thanks again

It is like this:
The mosfet must be a "logic level" n-channel mosfet.
A normal mosfet turns on at about 9V, but a "logic level" mosfet turns on with the 5V of an Arduino output pin.
Almost any "logic level" mosfet will do. When I need a few, I search Ebay for the cheapest "logic level" mosfet.
Sparkfun has selected this one: N-Channel MOSFET 60V 30A - COM-10213 - SparkFun Electronics
Using a 30A mosfet to switch a 360mA fan is normal.

The resistor from Arduino to gate (R1) can be 150 ohm to 4k7. Use 1k.
The resistor to keep the mosfet off durin power-up (R2) can be 10k or 47k. Use 10k.
The diode can be 1N4004...1N4007, or a faster diode. I think a faster diode is not needed for this, use a !N400x.