Connecting 9 pin Chacter LCD Display to the Arduino Mega 2560

I have recently pulled an LCD Display out of and old battery charger. I thought it might me a good idea to hook it up to my Arduino. Unfortunately it has 9 pins not the usual 16. I asked a recent college graduate if it was possible to hook it up to an Arduino. He said it was, but he did not remember how. he told me google it. I cannot find any guides on how to do it. Any help would be much appreciated.

Those are some unclear (unfocussed) pictures. The 2 separate pins are for backlighting. You can use a multimeter to find out the forward voltage in case it's a LED (which is likely). Now you have 5 pins left. There is no way to tell how to connect it unless someone has done the same thing. Do you even know what it's supposed to display ? I guess the donor died, so you can't find out how to use it using measuring equipment (like a datalogger or oscilloscope) ? In case you know, what model charger is the donor ?

It is an Eco-Trends 1 hour lcd charger

model number: CH-4932-ECo

It once displayed little battery symbols and it filled them in with the percent charged

Try to do some reverse engineering, you can use 3.3V and some wires and just try systematically to decipher the connections, if you don't see anything probably you will need to try with 5.0V. I just Googleed and I found plenty of tutorials for reverse engineering LCD displays

okay thank you!

After much fiddling i have it connected, but it just displays what it did when it was connected before. is there a way to recode it?

Did you check that the display is not a Segment LCD with fixed (in hardware) characters? If so you can only use the same symbols. You need a Dot Matrix or Graphic LCD that can be used a general purpose display.

I think it might be one =(. Oh well \thanks for all the help.

I already suspected that. That's why i asked what it's supposed to display.

But hey, you got it working, and learned something while doing that. Wasn't that fun ?

Yes it was!

I passed Today by a second hand shop and I show few devices with nice dot matrix LCD ready to be hacked, but you can get a LCD Display HD44780 in ebay for a couple of dollars, another nice option is the Nokia 5110, but you will need a CD4050 CMOS HEX Buffer to lower the power because it runs at 3.3V: