Connecting a 433MHz receiver to ESP8266?

I have a need to monitor and log temperature and humidity in several places in my house and I have wired up 3 AM2302 DHT sensors in the attic.
But now I also need to connect to a few extra sensors that cannot be wired in to the ESP-07 unit, so I cannot use the DHT sensors. So I figured that if I use commercial wireless sensors operating on 433MHz it could be possible to connect to them and read the data over 433MHz.
Is there some libraries for 433MHz receivers (note: I am not looking for transmitters) that can be used for ESP8266?
And are there any tutorials for that kind of project?
I assume there are two different steps that need to be taken:

  1. Connecting a 433MHz receiver to the ESP8266 to get the digital data stream
  2. Decoding the incoming data to extract the wanted information (temperature and humidity)

Grateful for any suggestions!

why not trying this , you have couple of 'sensors+1esp' assemblies in slave mode, actively polling sensor data to one master esp

slave esp in station mode while master esp in AP mode, you can extend up to 8 devices that master ESP can connect to
, you will be able to save your '433MHz' RF modules

i got this to work it's combination with Virtual wire
But i do think the suggestion in #1 is the way to go, just using ESP-01's is cheaper as well i think.