connecting a distance measuring sensor and a cumpass to the arduino splora

Hi all,

Is it possible to connect a compass and a distance measuring sensor to the arduino splora? I know the splora has 2 tinkerkit inputs but I can't tell if any of the sensors have connectors to match. I looked at the Osepp Compass Sensor at but it says nothing about what kind of connectors the sensor has. The same applies to the Sharp Distance Sensor model GP2Y0A21YK0F.

I am not attached to either of the above sensors so if there are other sensors, let me know..

I like the arduino splora because it has most things already setup and I suspect I will not have to solder. Pranav

No you cannot connect those devices directly. The Esplora does not really support I2C. Could be done with a soft TWI implementation.


Hi kowalski,

Many thanks for your message. I don't think I am up to implementing a protocol on my own so will stick to a board that supports that sensor.