Connecting a ISO15693 (SL015M-3) RFID module to a Mega

Let me preface this by saying that I'm new to this stuff. Like, really new. I understand electronics, and I understand programming, so I can get buy with a bit of help.

That being said, I'm needing to connect this RFID module to my Arduino Mega 2560, enough to read the UID from the card. I also need a way to transfer that information to my computer for use, but that's on the backburner as long as the RFID isn't working.

I've used code from a previous project where I know this board and RFID module can work, unfortunately the code is far too extensive for me to pull out just what I need from it for this basic task.

Thanks for any help that anyone can be with this issue. :3

Edit: Oh yeah and here is a PDF of the manual I believe can help. Section 4-4-1 shows what information to send and response to look out for, so I'm guessing I wanna look out for 0xBD.