connecting a pad wirh an arduino

I need to connect an android surf pad to an arduino to make an android app to communicate with the arduino. It seems like an easy thing to do because the surf pad has a USB female and the arduino had a USB male but I cannot make it work. I need some advice.
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No I haven’t, the pad is a cheap one that is used to provide graphics and a touchscreen at a reasonable cost. But I have been able to develop an android app on Eclipse on a PC and download it to the pad. There are functions in the app to send and receive data through the USB. The USB on the arduino is just used as a serial port, isn’t it?


It is just used as a serial port, but in order for that to work the host must have the required USB drivers installed. On PCs, these would usually be provided as part of the Arduino IDE package for that platform. I don't know how this would be implemented on an Android host, but if you look at the documentation for the Arduino Mega ADK I expect that you will find an explanation.