connecting a PIR detector

Hi, I bought a PIR detector and i want to connect it to my arduino, but i dont know, how to do it. I dont know how to connnect it to get data from the sensor. Any help would be appreciated. This is the detector which i want to use: PIR detector

The PIR has N.C. contacts which means "Normally Closed". That means they're shorted until an alarm occurs, at which point the contacts open.

If you wire one side of the alarm contacts to 5V via a 10k pullup, and the other side to ground on the Arduino, then one of your digital inputs to the non-5V end of the pullup.

When you get an alarm, the digital pin (don't forget to configure it as an input) will go from "LOW" to "HIGH").

Don't connect the pull-up to the 12V powering the PIR.

thank you AWOL, you helped me a lot.