Connecting a self-contained circuit to an Arduino


I picked up this basic recorder/player from Radioshack (picture attached). It has a record button and records something on a mini microphone for 20 seconds and then a play button which plays it back on a speaker. I am wondering if it’s possible to attach this to an arduino in some way and have it turned on by an IR receiver instead? Basically, I need to be able to play it back remotely - without pressing the play switch. Is that possible by connecting it to an Arduino in some way?





Have a multimeter?? Start by checking the voltage across the switches. Find "Common Ground".

Looks like a 9V battery??

You need to figure out how to 'fake' the switch with Arduino/

IR Remote info HERE

Use small relays to close the switch contacts. IR receiver on a Promini to receive commands and close/open relays as needed.

Thanks all. I am not expert enough to immediately understand all the suggestions but will research a bit and will ping back if I still have questions. Thanks!