Connecting a solenoid to ardunio

I want to connect this

or this

However it require to many volts and amps. So how could i wire it up? Just use a transistor? what value? or do i need more power supplies? If so how do i connect them to my circuit?


What are you going to be using it for? How long do you need it on at any one time? Do you need it to switch on/off/on very rapidly? I am looking ate using a combination of servos and solenoids to make a robotic drum kit... I was thinking of relays at 1st, but they are a bit too slow, so I am myself working on a transistor solution.

As weird as this may sound i am looking to make an automated toilet flusher. So no it does not need to be real fast or repeat.Also how much force do you think it would take to push/pull the toilet handel? :P

thanks so much for all the help!

Hmm... do you need to keep the existing handle? If not, I think a stepper motor pulling the flapper up would be neat, and all hidden in tank. My issue with a solenoid manipulating a handle would be that solenoids are generally pretty quick. Would also need to be mounted about the handle to allow "normal" use of the handle. Even then the solenoid would possible get in the way...

Yes i need to keep the handel on. Dont want to get in trouble. :) So if i do use a solenoid what do i need to do?

Honestly, I would not use a solenoid for this. I would still go with a stepper motor. And, after looking into my own crapper, I came up with a way to have both work. Keep in mind I am NOT an artist. Both the handle AND the arduino would work... If I did use a solenoid, I use it to do the same thing, in tank. Pulling up the string/chain would require MUCH less force that manipulating the handle.

Awesome thanks!