Connecting an arduino duemilanove through serial

Hey all! Im not sure if im posting in the right forum, so sorry 'bout that.

I have two pc's at home: one witch i usually use (with usb ports, no serial ports) and another one, verry old one, actually so old there are no usb ports (however, arduino software runs fine, with an accordingly huge lag)

I burnt my mobo on the pc i usually use (so untill i get a new one, its preety much useless) I'm wondering, if the arduino duemilanove uses a usb to serial converter (or something...all i know its the ftdi chip) I thought would it be possible to connect the arduino duemilanove dirrectly through a serial port ??

connect the arduino duemilanove dirrectly through a serial port

No not directly - the output of a serial port is RS232 this uses a +/- 12V signal. You need an RS232 to TTL converter like the Max202 to change it down to the +5V / 0V that the arduino needs.

is there a way to build one?

is there a way to build one?

I'm sure you could find some sample circuits out there for the Max202.

i dont seem to find a link, could you post one? i'm using max232

How old is this PC? What OS?

I'm guessing Win 95 maybe even Win 98. If its 95 then your on the right track. If its 98 then for less then $20 you can add a USB card to the system.

I use this one, cause my arduino doesnt have a ftdi chip

its like 6.50$ as a kit, but if you wanted to fiddle with manual wiring I am sure you can piece it together for a couple bucks

thanks peopple, i think i will buy the kit for 6 bucks, since it will be months till i fix my every day use pc

and btw, i am running win98 on that pc, but i dont want to spend extra money on the usb card

i am currently trying to find parts and build my own. Will MAXIM max232ACPE ic work for this ( ) schematic?

P.S: will i be able to monitor what comes from arduino? or will i only be able to program the arduino with it?

EDIT: I uploaded a hello world serial app to my arduino (i borrowed my friends laptop) and set up this converter on my protoshield's breadboard, and i managed to read the serial input, however, i am unable to upload any code through this converter, what could be wrong?

plz someone!

Check this schematic out - it is for the original serial Arduino (with the ATMega8); notice that it uses discreet components for the serial interface (a few resistors, capacitors, diodes, and a transistor or two) - something to think about: