Connecting an Arduino+GSM shield to a small device that receives simple commands

Hi, I'd like to have some of your opinions !

I have a device connected to Arduino that receives small simple remote commands (00, 01, 10, 00) even with an high frequency. I'd use Arduino as a web server through a GPRS connection, using the Bluevia SIM card found in the GSM shield box. The server listens continuosly for new commands, reacting when it receives them. I can't use Ethernet nor wi-fi connection. I suppose to build a small http page with a smart interface that would allow me to send the above written commands through a http protocol. I read projectswhere sensor data is sent to specific database but I've never read descriptions of project like mine.

Do you think is it possible ? Do you have any better ideas? Thank you very much !!! :)

Personally, what I understood is, you what to SEND data (commands) received by your Arduino to a Server. Where your Server can responds.

Am I correct ??,.... If so, It is possible.

Thank you very much for your reply!

Is my english not clear or the descriptions of the project ? I try to explain better; I want to turn Arduino with a GSM shield to a web server listening for the commands sent through a simple interface built on an Internet page. I have to send 4 different commands. The commands cheanges the values of the digital pins of Arduino. Arduino should be able to receive commands with an high frequency. I suppose to have a very low latency. I've read that send sensor data to a database is feasible; Would Arduino be able to receive several commands through a GPRS connection ?

still thank you for helping me !

Sorry, Actually Title of the Project was bit confusing : smiley-slim: .

Did you tried examples in the Arduino-IDE(Arduino1.0.5,Software) ?? , they are two examples of WEB-Server and WEB-Clint. Try them once. I think your doubts will be solved.

check this link: