Connecting an Atmel AT73C240 DAC to Arduino Due


Me and my friend are working on a project. We want to stream audio through the Arduino Due and for that we want to use the Atmel AT73C240 DAC mentioned in the topic. (datasheet:

We are not sure how to connect the DAC to the Arduino Due board. Basing on the datasheets, we have connected the LRFS pin to the Arduino's TF pin and the DAC's SDIN pin to arduino's TD pin. However we have a problem with the MCLK and BCLK pins. We are not sure which of them should be connected to the TK pin of the arduino board.

We have found some contradictory hints on the Internet, that is why we are asking here. Does anyone perhaps have any experience with that or knows how to connect these two things together?

thanks for your help

edit: SAM3X datasheet: Smart | Connected | Secure | Microchip Technology