Connecting an IR receiver

Hello, I have recovered an IR receiver sensor from an old TV.
The only problem is that I don't know how to connect that to the arduino.
It has 3 pins so I guess it's VCC GND and Signal, but there are no any labels on the pins so I don't
know which pin is what.
Here is a picture of the sensor:
does somebody know how can I make sure which pin is what so I can safely connect this to my Arduino?

That looks the similar as a VS1838B. If it is the pins are (looking at the metal X): left: Out, center: GND, right: Vcc.

And you can probably check Pylon's conclusion with a multimeter on the pins of the connector next to it?

Follow the circuit tracks on the back of the TV PCB. It should be obvious which are power and ground, while the output will go off to some other chip.

Hi, Lots of IRvreceive info and test arduino code HERE

Only five years based on the printing on the PCB, that's by no means old. I'd call that quite new even, most of the Arduino's components are way older than that. The moment you figure out what part it is you won't have an issue finding details about it.

Indeed follow the traces. I bet you'll find two power and one data line.

Maybe there are markings on the bottom, most components are marked.

You may see the pins o the connector are marked: 5V R G IR GND (partially hidden under the red circle). Use DMM to find which leads to which pin of the detector.