Connecting and communicating Arduino DUE with ADC

HI all.

I was learning ADC interfacing with my Arduino DUE board for the first time. I need to communicate with an external ADC.
I all know is ADC will be ghaving a clock and chip select to help it communicate . could some one help me where to start ,any links for study .

thank you all for the help!!

If you know which ADC chip you plan to use, then please tell us. A link to the datasheet will help answer those questions. Many of the people here are used to reading the odd layout of the datasheets and they can help you understand what it means.

If you don't know which ADC chip, try asking in the "general electronics" forum for suggestions. This question is not related to the Due and I think more people read that forum.

thanks a lot for the reply

This is the Date sheet of the ADC I have to use


The way to go for you is to setup a SPI (serial peripheral interface) communication from the DUE to your ADC. If you have no clou what an SPI communication is you can have a look for example at Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) - (or just google it). They describe the SPI functionality and how to configure it on an Arduino UNO. For the DUE things should be similar.

With the main principles and vocabulary of SPI understood you should read the datasheet pages 16+. There it is described how the SPI communication should be configured in order to achieve proper data transfer from the ADC to your arduino and how the incoming data encodes the measured voltage on the ADC.

If you're stuck at some point, be welcome to ask further (specific) questions.

Thanks a lot !