Connecting and disconnecting computers using the Arduino

Guys, Good night?
Does anyone know a way to Shut Down your computer hum through to Arduino?
For example:. My computer is bound to hum UPS, and perchance one ACABE Energy UPS AND triggers
I would Opaque My arduino detects the que was fired after UPS and hum Determined pace element Safely unplug your computer; That paragraph DATA damaged Não Sean.

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[quote author=google translate]Guys, Good night?
Does anyone know a way to turn off a computer via the Arduino?
For example: My computer is connected to a UPS, and perchance end power and UPS fires.
I wish my arduino detects that the UPS was activated and after a time he shut down the computer safely; so the data are not damaged.[/quote]

Most UPS have a line that goes high when the UPS delivers the power.
Depending on the voltage it provides you must use a voltage divider (or better opto-coupler) to connect it to the Arduino.
The Arduino can start a timer (e.g. 15 minutes) and if the UPS does not switch back to mains you could activate a relay that switches off the PC.


Hello everybody!
Shields Easyvr bought 2, and I love the interaction with the commands, I am still practicing.

I have a question, it will be with EasyVr, you can read, for example:
Making the Shield speak loudly at room temperature with the aid of a module temperature?

Or even tell the time, based on clock module, connected to the Arduino?

Or he speaks what sereal monitor displays?

Thanks for listening, I'll be waiting for the answer.

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