connecting android to two arduino UNOs using HC-06 and HC-05 bluetooth modules

Hi everyone, my current project involves controlling two arduino UNOs using my android phone, I have two bluetooth modules, the HC-05 & the HC-06.
Controlling one arduino is fine, using an app i made on MIT APP INVENTOR, but I need to be able to control two arduinos, i thought about using the HC-05 as a master and the HC-06 as a slave, but bluetooth can only connect to one device at a time, so i'm wondering how i'm going to issue commands using my android phone.
i'd appreciate any suggestions,

Thanks in advance.

I guess there are some options

  1. Write another Android app that can alternately poll between multiple Arduinos with HC-0x

  2. Have one Uno as a base station that can talk to the other Uno and pass its stuff as well its own to Android. This will need another HC-0x

  3. As 2 above but use NRF24 for Arduino<>Arduino comms

If you want to explore the nRF24 option this Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial may be helpful.


Since you use a Uno, I might point out that in item 3 above, the NRF 24 uses the SPI bus, thereby absolving you from using software serial for the second bluetooth at the base station. This might be the motivation you need.