Connecting Arduino Esplora to Arduino Micro / nano wirelessly in real time.

I am wanting to know the easiest way to connect two arduinos wirelessly. I am creating a 3d printed enclosure with LED lights on the inside. I have build out different led color functions and I want to be able to control the light modes by using the buttons and joystick on the esplora and wirelessly send that data to the micro / nano.

Arduino Micro / nano will be in the LED module, it will be the receiver and will not be sending data back to the master arduino esplora.

I would like the Ability to process and send data in near real time so that there is near instant feedback of led light modes changing.

Also I am wondering if everyone's suggestions would change if I want to have a master controller with two receivers instead of one.

Thank you so much everyone I look forward to reading about suggestions.

What kind of range do you want? Technology will vary depending if you want them to work within your living room or to the other side of the planet.

Range is not that important. I want it to work within 25 feet or so for this specific application.

I can see an application I want to build in the future that several hundred meters would be ideal for a range. I want to set up a large array of lights at a concert and to control them all with a hand held midi controller. For this longer situation would I be needing to use zigbee?

For line of sight distances you can use simple radio units. Prices vary according to specs. Some suggestions which are well-supported on arduino listed blow. All of these will basically emulate a serial link over radio so your program will have to send and receive serial commands. With proper program design all of them will be able to switch your lights almost instantly (within a few tenths of a second). Being able to scale that up to operate over several hundred metres in an electrically noisy environment is beyond my experience.

Cheap 315/433 radio units

More expensive 315/443 radios from

cheap-ish 2.4G radios

Expensive X-Bee radios

Cheap bluetooth radios

Theres lots of others, these are just some examples.

The bluetooth ones are best suited to one-to-one communications: they don't do one-to-many comms so well.