Connecting Arduino Esplora to Arduino Micro / nano wirelessly in real time.

I am wanting to know the easiest way to connect two arduinos wirelessly. I am creating a 3d printed enclosure with LED lights on the inside. I have build out different led color functions and I want to be able to control the light modes by using the buttons and joystick on the esplora and wirelessly send that data to the micro / nano.

Arduino Micro / nano will be in the LED module, it will be the receiver and will not be sending data back to the master arduino esplora.

I would like the Ability to process and send data in near real time so that there is near instant feedback of led light modes changing.

Also I am wondering if everyone’s suggestions would change if I want to have a master controller with two receivers instead of one.

Thank you so much everyone I look forward to reading about suggestions.