Connecting Arduino Leonardo with Adafruit GPS logger shield kit?

Hi there,

I am a freshman with respect to Arduinos and did already the first examples. What I want to do is connecting my Arduino Leonardo with GPS. Therefore I borrowed the Adafruit GPS logger shield kit[0] from a friend and it also hs 4 wires at the rx, tx, pwr and 1pps pins. I am just interested in the GPS function of the shield.
As far as I know this shield is made for old Arduinos and the pin selection should have been changed, so I decided to use the 4 wires and also ground it (I use the pin on the other side of the shield).
So far I am not sure if I made it right, because the small led on the gps chip itself didn't light.

Could anyone please help me how to connect the shield to my leonardo and explain me where to connect it to which pins?

Best regards, Andreas
[0] Adafruit GPS logger shield kit [v1.1] : ID 98 : $19.50 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits


okay, with the red led of the chip is no permanently on. but via serial monitor I don't get anything back. When I place a normal Serial.println("test") into the loop it's not displayed.
I also use pins 2,3,4 and I also changed rx and tx pins just to be sure that I got the wires right. But this hasn't any effect.

What else do I have to consider?

Best regards, Andreas

Hi there,

okay, the code of works, if you connect TX of the module to pin 10 of the Leonardo.
So you can't use the module as it is. I put it on my breadboard and rewired it. That was also a little bit tricky, but it works now.

First testing at my kitchen window also worked.