Connecting arduino mega to a printer.

Hey I was hoping you could tell me if I could connect Arduino Mega to a normal ink printer. What commands do I need to give in my arduino code? Also how do I go about with the connections?


More details...! Interface? Type of output expected / page formatting, PDL support?

If you have a printer with a serial interface and which takes ascii characters as input then it should be as simple as printing to the Serial Monitor.

I have not seen a printer like that for years. Most modern printers use a USB connection and rely on complex software within the PC to process the data before sending it to the printer. I don't think an Arduino would be capable of making one of them print. The Linux side of a Yun might be an option.


The problem with current printers is not USB, but their lack of "intelligence" (GDI printers). Such printers cannot print text, they expect pixel data instead, in usually undocumented form.

A useful printer should either accept pixel data in a well documented format (slip printers...), ASCII (text only) or higher level (PCL, Postscript...) commands.