Connecting Arduino mini(5V) and MMA7361 breakout(3.3V)

Hi, guys. Now I'm working with Arduino mini 04(5V), MMA7361 breakout of sparkfun(3.3V), 3V battery and step-up breakouts(5V, 3.3V).

My question is, When I directly connect digital pin of arduino and Sleep or Selftest pin of MMA7361, is there any problem? Or should I use any resistors between those pins to pull down Voltage?

I already connect 3.3V step up breakout to Vcc of MMA7361 and 5V step up breakout to +5V of arduino.

Look that you need some kind of protection there.In the MMA7361L Data sheet is not clear what to do.I will tell you more next time,see you tomorrow

use this

5 to 3,3.pdf (83.6 KB)

Thanks a lot!!!!!!