connecting arduino mini pro

I used to work with arduino UNO but I needed smaller size so I chose arduino mini pro 5V and I’m using USB to ttl chip board (HXSP-TTL-U1 USB to TTL) for connection , that’s the driver download site : ( Products ).
I connected the chip to the arduino as in the picture , after installing the drivers and every thing good , when I connect the green led in the arduino blinks 3 times and then stops, I choose the options as in the pictures. During upload no led blinks neither on the arduino nor the usb chip. Finally after finishing upload it gives the finish message and the code is not on the arduino !

where is the mistake in the process please help.
Thanks in advance



When you start the download, press Reset on the Mini when the IDE shows “Compiled xxx of 32xxx bytes” as you do not have DTR coming out the USB/Serial to create a reset.
Can be easier to find the timing if you open File:Preferences and turn on Verbose outputs.