Connecting Arduino nano 33 IoT in Windows 10

I have bought an Arduino nano 33 IoT, and dowloaded the appropriate device utility into the IDE. Nevertheless, when I connect the unit via USB, an undetected Bluetooth serial port appears in the device manager, lacking driver, and no COM port is added. I re-installed the FTDI drivers and tried to associate them manually with the unknown device, but it still doesn't work. I also unistalled the undetected Bluetooth serial port and reset the computer, but it comes up again when I connect the Arduino. However, everything works properly with Arduino Uno or Mega.

Please provide a detailed description of how you did that.

Unlike the official classic Nano, the Nano 33 IoT does not use an FTDI USB chip, so the FTDI drivers can not be used with that board.

In the IDE, I selected Boards Manager, and installed Arduino SAMD boards. Now I find the Nano 33 IoT in the list of boards, but I don't find a COM port to connect the board (I tried with two COMs I already had, but it doesn't transfer the sketch). In Windows Device Manager, I do not find anything in the COM ports or USB devices, but an unknown device appears, named Bluetooth COM port, that has no driver associated

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