Connecting Arduino Nano with PIR Sensor and SHIELD - XBEE


I have an Arduino Nano, a GROVE - PIR MOTION SENSOR (Code: C000169) and the SHIELD - XBEE (Code: A000007). What should I use to connect the GROVE - PIR MOTION SENSOR? The Arduino store says to use Grove - Base shield to connect to the Arduino board, but the Grove - Base shield does not list the Arduino Nano as being compatible. What can I use to have both the GROVE - PIR MOTION SENSOR (Code: C000169) and the SHIELD - XBEE (Code: A000007) connected to my Arduino Nano? Would the GroveHat for Arduino Nano work or would I need some kind of Arduino Nano Expansion Shield? Can I connect the GROVE - PIR MOTION SENSOR without the Grove - Base shield? I'm new to this so any advice is valued.

It will be used to wirelessly transmit when the sensor is activated.

Thank you for your help.


If you want to use the shields like the SHIELD - XBEE and the Grove Base Shield, you are better off to use one of the Arduino boards with the matching form factor, like the Uno, Mega, or Leonardo. That way, you can just plug the shield right into the Arduino board and all the connections are correct. It is possible to connect the Nano the the shields using jumper wires, but that sort of defeats the whole purpose of the shield.

Hi thank you for your comment. I already have the Arduino Nano. Do you think it would work if I used the GroveHat for Arduino Nano found here?

I'm hoping to be able to use the Arduino Nano. Any thought?

Thank you.


That will work for the PIR sensor, but it covers up all the pins on the Nano so how are you going to connect the XBee then.

Keep in mind that you can buy standard PIR modules for a fraction of that price. For example: Get some jumper wires of the appropriate gender to connect it to your Nano and you're good to go, no Grove silliness necessary!

You could do the same with the XBee. You can get XBee adapters that break the pins out to the breadboard and stripboard friendly 0.1" pitch. Some of those adapters have built-in level shifting, needed to interface a 5 V Nano to the 3.3 V XBee. Or you can get cheap level shifter modules separate if you like.

I think you're getting too obsessed with having everything plug together like Legos. The choice is yours, but just be aware there are other options.