Connecting Arduino to Cloud

Hi, In my IOT project I have to collect data from sensors and store it in a cloud.How can I connect arduino to cloud and store the output values.

You can use the famous ESP8266 WiFi modules to connect any project to the cloud or it can also be used as a standalone microcontroller with WiFi. For storing the output values there are data logging sites such as,

There are many tutorials teaching you how to do this, I found Kevin Darrah's esp8266 tutorials very detailed and helpful.

Hi, Thanks for the information :)

Or an ethernet shield.

Hm.But i'm confused which cloud site I have to use? I want to get a table updated with sensor values and also graphical plotting of that table.

The by far easiest Arduino to cloud setup I have encountered is littleBits arduino - cloudbit. Or with a UNO and a cloudbit.

Hm.But i'm confused which cloud site I have to use?

If you are going to implement this yourself, you you might move away from vague new-age terms like "cloud" and start becoming familiar with the more technical client/server terminology.