Connecting Arduino to Futaba T14SG

So I am working on a Futaba T14SG and am supposed to use an Arduini ATMega to connect to the futaba, and essentially control the signals sent for each of the servos using the arduino. Essentially, I connect the arduino or teensy, then write code to control the signals transmitted for the servos on the controller using arduino, so I am planning to use SBUS to connect the arduino and have all the channels controlled via that.
I am new to futaba, so any help would be appreciated.

Are you aiming to connect to the transmitter to control what it sends ? If so, then consider using its trainer port which may be a physical connection or possibly a radio system

The transmitter will not have any servos but the receiver will

More details of what you are trying to do please

Hey, thanks for taking time to break this down. So essentially, what I have to do is get values from a PC or a serial monitor to the arduino through the serial port, values like acceleration and throttle etc. These values are sent from the arduino to the futaba t14sg, which will be connected to some car and control its acceleration etc. I do know I will have to use the trainer port, but I was unclear about that. Essentially, the futaba is more like a transmitter with arduino relaying the values.

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