Connecting Arduino to MP3 module

I am working on a school project and I need to output different audio files based on certain input (eg, button press).

I have 2 questions:

  1. I bought this module ( mp3 module ) , but I noticed it has no pins to connect to arduino.
    Can I solder some wires to the previous track/ next track to "press" them through arduino commands?

  2. Are there any better ways to do this? From what I understand, even if I buy something like ( mini mp3 module ) , i can not access a certain track on the sd card by path; I need to know its position on the sd card and "press" next track until I reach it.

Thank you!

The first is not an Arduino compatible module, the DF Player Mini is, and it works quite nicely indeed.

Just remember to connect the two GND pins together (for a more stable ground - a PCB with proper ground plane would be even better), add a 100µF decoupling cap to Vcc (to stabilise the device's power) and 1k resistors in the Tx and Rx lines (not sure why but it does seem to help big time stabilising the thing). In early trials, without those extra components, I had it work fine from USB but starting to stutter when running off a powerbank. Now it's perfectly stable.

You can select which track to play with the DF Player, and a lot more. Indeed limited search options but you can tell it to play a complete folder, or a specific file (by index) on the SD card.

very useful, thank you!