Connecting Arduino To Unity 3D on Mac Issues

I have an Arduino Uno that I got on eBay, I was able to get the 3 LED on and off sequence to work with the file contains in the project down load to test out the communication with Arduino to the serial port on my Mac. Project I was trying to follow is here:

I am new to Arduino so I am having trouble understanding what needs to be changed in the code. My serial or port is on: /dev/cu.webusbserial1420

In the Unity 3D code C# I tried changing the serial to this: public static SerialPort sp = new SerialPort("/dev/cu.webusbserial1420");

but I still get error messages saying it can't open a port, so my guess is that I am not understanding something in the code.

If anyone has a Mac and has tried this project out I would love to know how you got yours to work.


I figured it out!! Turns out I was typing in "web" when it should have been "wch" as part of the serial port on my Mac. Back to school for me reading lessons again lol ;)