Connecting Arduino Uno R3 to a Rextin T1000S with external power

I am learning and this is my first project. I tried researching before making this post, but I can not
find anything reliable to help with the connections. Currently I am using the Arduino Uno R3 with a 10 meter strip of Alitove WS2811/2812 LED strips. I am using GOP pin 6 and the ground from the Arduino to the Alitove strip lights. I am using ALITOVE AC 100-240V to DC 24V 5A Power Supply Adapter Converter as an external power supply for the Alitove strip. This is working after learning some code.

My problem is trying to find a wiring diagram to use the following setup. I am trying to connect the Arduino Uno R3 to a Rextin T1000S LED RGB Full Color Programmable Pixel Controller powered by a ALITOVE 5V 60A 300W Power Supply Transformer Adapter Converter AC110V/220V. My goal is to connect my PC to the Arduino > Rextin T1000S powered by the ALITOVE 5V 60A 300W so I can add more strips and have a GUI. Can anyone help with wiring the Adrino to the Rextin or point me to a simplistic diagram for a new learner?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could you provide a schematic or links for your LED strips and power supply?