Connecting Arduino uno to Surface Electromyography via Bluetooth

Hello all,

I've built a small motor circuit, using the arduino Uno rev3, and am able to cycle it on and off manually and with a timer. My goal is to get the motor to respond to a Bluetooth signal sent by a small SEMG device so that it vibrates when the device reads a certain amplitude.

I know that I will need a Bluetooth module (I'm thinking HC-05). The SEMG device sends out a constant signal. Is there anything that I need to know about the SEMG device in regards to setting it up on the Arduino?

I figure the code will be a fairly simple high/low script based on the signal, but I'm not certain. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I think you may run a BT tutorial to gain the knowledge.

Great advice. I'm looking for a good one right now!

It will be useful to know the device's Bluetooth protocol. If it is a plain-vanilla SPP device, it should be able to work with an HC-05 and, if it can do that, anything Arduino needs to do will probably be quite straightforward.