connecting arduino uno to wifly module

I have a WiFly module ( not including the WiFly shield. I am trying to connect the two devices together and initialize the WiFly connection during the setup() of the arduino. Can this be done if I don't have the SPI-to-UART bridge that is a part of the WiFly shield? Are there any resources you could point me to?


The WiFly module will plug into a regular XBee shield, and can be configured via the Arduino's RS232 port. You don't need an SPI port/shield.

However, it's easiest to setup the WiFly module parameters from a PC using the USB port of the Arduino. To do this, you need an XBee shield that can swap the RX/TX pins. You also will need to hold the Arduino in reset while configuring WiFly, so the Arduino relinquishes the USB port.

Afterwards, you can setup an ad hoc network with the wifi on your PC, but will need a UDP/TCP program such as ZOC, or other utility.