Connecting Arduino UNO to Windows XP

I have trouble downloading the Arduino.inf file to a COM port.
I plugged the Arduino UNO into my computer USB slot and the Arduino blinked
so the Arduino board is working.
At first the Arduino UNO was set to COM1 and windows XP was set to COM4.
After much exploration, I finally booted my HP Pavillion computer from scratch
with the Arduino UNO plugged into a USB slot -- the Arduino UNO changed to
COM3 and the computer also changed to COM3. So, I figured the two were
talking to each other.
Now, trying to download arduino.inf -- I went to the device manager page
and found all the devices, but "port" was not listed as a device. Instead, I
found "USB Driver?". I clicked on that and found that: "device type unknown".
So now, my question is: how do I download the Arduino .inf driver which
is on my Arduino-1.0.4 file to a port so I can upload my sketches??

It has been a while since I did this with my XP box. As I recall, you go to
Control panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager

Double click the device you believe is the Arduino. Click "Reinstall driver". You should end up in the Hardware Update Wizard. Select the "install from a list or specified location" radio button. Click "Next".

Now select "include this location in the search". Click "Browse" and navigate to the /arduino-1.0.4/drivers folder in your Arduino dowload. When you click on that folder, the OK button should highlight (become active) and you should select it.

Then click Next.

Different problem on XP accures to me too. My XP SP3 PC does not accept driver fully and not giving an com com port to Uno. How can i solve this?
With win7 pcs have no problem..

retrolefty still runs xp, send him a PM and ask if he doesn't join the conversation.

I am having a problem with my serial port as well but my problem is that I can not check my serial port to see what it is set to?!

I do run XP SP3 but don’t own any Uno boards so I only have FTDI USB drivers installed from day one around IDE version 8 or so and I’ve never had to change or upgrade my USB driver sense even running 1.0.4 now. My PC software skills are pretty limited to dumb user status so I don’t think I have any solution for you but I’m sure someone around here can help.