Connecting Arduino Wifi Shield with laptop hotspot


I am trying to connect Arduino wifi shield stacked on a Mega 2560 to hot spot created by a Windows 7 laptop. I am sorry in advance if this question has been repeated in the forum.

If I use my phone as hotspot, Wifi shield connects with it without any problem. I don't know why it doesn't connect when i create a wireless network on my laptop.

Thank you in advance for the guidance

I've got windows 7 and have never seen anything native to create a wifi hot spot on the computer. Where would one find that info?

Sorry for the late reply, currently i dont have any access to wifi router and I am using a Wifi shield. so I was planning to connect the wifi shield with the hotspot created by my laptop

I was planning to connect the wifi shield with the hotspot created by my laptop

How is your computer [u]creating[/u] a hotspot? That seems like an unlikely thing that it is capable of doing. and my computer is connected to a modem through a Ethernet cable

That is not a hotspot. That is an ad-hoc network. Many devices have problems with those, if you bothered to read the comments at the bottom. Wii devices being one.

edit: Your big challenge with an ad-hoc network is the lack of a dhcp server. AFAIK, there is no way to set a static ip on a Wifi shield. And ad-hoc networks normally do not perform the required masquerade and routing to the ethernet port.

Thank you for replying Tim. But this thing is bugging me alot that how come the wifi shield is able to scan the hotspot created by my phone but not by my laptop. Sorry i dont have that much knowledge regarding servers. Thank you

If your phone is a droid-type, that is a true hotspot, not an ad-hoc network. It will have a dhcp server.

So is there any way that i can connect to a laptop wireless network.

create wifi hotspot using command prompt commands

@henrywilliam171: Can you connect to that wifi network with the wifi shield?

edit: The reason I ask is this statement at the bottom of that page.

Some of the old Android smartphones can’t access the Ad-hoc connections. So you cannot use this Wi-Fi hotspot on every device. But most them can connect to it.

Interesting article. Checked my win7 netbook and the feature seems available. Not sure how I would use it. I just checked one of the "pocket" routers I was testing and get the "limited connectivity" for it. Not sure if it would be the same type issue.

Limited connectivity usually means that your device has connected to a hotspot or wireless router, but hasnt been assigned an IP address, usually because the device that its connected to doesnt have a DHCP server. A Hotspot created with a ad hoc network device has this problem, unless you can somehow provide the DHCP server.

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