connecting arduino with dual h bridge from amain objectives

Hi, I am a newbie and I had a project that use 2 dc motor, I bought arduino uno r3 and a motor controller(that's what the clerk said). This motor controller is called DHB-Jr2 from the A-main Objectives. This motor controller is using the "standard radio control servo" signal, I have no idea what is that and how exactly I connect this motor controller to the arduino. The instruction for the motor controller is incomprehensible, for me though. So how to connect this motor controller and send this standard RC signal ?

Motor Controller (DHB-Jr2) instructions.

I've only read the instructions briefly but it seems that you should create an Arduino sketch that controls two servos (let's say the servo outputs are on pins 7 and 8 ). Then you connect pin 7 to J1 and pin 8 to J2 and Ground on the Arduino to Ground on the board.

Then if you use instructions like servo1.write(20) and servo2.write(200) it will make the motors work.

I assume you can understand the rest of the instructions for the board.

There are lots of Arduino tutorials about programming for servos.


J1 and J2 have 3 pins each. when i bought this, it came with a cable for me to connect in J1 and J2.

The picture is in the attachment. The cable is like a servo cable to me, should I connect it like a servo or like a H Bridge??

I suspect they are servo connectors with +, - and signal, but I don't know which is which. I don't think you will need to connect anything to the + pin.


So i'll just connect the - and signal then the + will come from the source? I'll try that first at the moment. If it's still not working, i think i have to go to the shop and ask.