Connecting Arduino with l&t quasar meter

We want to read data from l&t quasar meter to arduino through MODBUS RTU communication protocol. We are using converters and have written code using modbus master library but we are not able to read data . Can anybody please help us I am ready to share some more information if you want must reply to this thread

Can anyone please help me to connect a energy meter with MODBUS RTU protocol and have RS 485 communication port to Arduino uno. Is it neccessary to use rs485 to rs232 converter and then rs232 to ttl converter . I am ready to share more information please tell me about the hardware .
Can it be done using MAX485 ic like meter to ic to arduino ? OR
Can it be done with rs485 to ttl converter like meter to converter to arduino ?
Please help God , Jesus or Elon Musk whoever you worship will bless you :slight_smile:

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This looks like a good place to start...