Connecting Arduino Yun to Wifi

I just got an Arduino Yun board. I followed the instructions on how to connect it to wifi. I did it several times. The process looked OK but I coud not connect to After some hacking I figured out that I could connect to my board through
Can somebody explain what is the problem?


Did the default network name have the word "arduino" or "linino" in it?

If the name had "arduino" in it, it's a board from, and the default password is "arduino" and default address is

If the name had "linino" in it, then it's a board from, and the default password is "doghunter"

If you have the latter, then perhaps the default address is different from the boards? I've not seen this reported yet. Most of the documentation is for the boards. After splintered off from the original company, they started making their own versions, which are slightly different. This may be another of the differences?

This is the WFI configuration I get:

Current WiFi configuration
SSID: vardihome2_2.4
Mode: Client
Signal: 55%
Encryption method: WPA2 PSK (CCMP)
Interface name: wlan0
Active for: 11 minutes
IP address:
MAC address: 90:A2:DA:F6:03:48
RX/TX: 243/103 KBs

The name is "ardunino". When I try to connect with, it fails on timeout. I need to use the IP address but the IP changes every time I disconnect the board.
I can't figure out what's wrong.

Ok, so this isn't an difference, it's your network settings giving you the address.

I don't see anything wrong: your Yun is a client connected to the wireless network named "vardihome2_2.4" and that network is apparently handing out dynamic addresses. It's perfectly normal for your Yun to get a different address every time it connects (just like the rest of your computers and devices will get different addresses.) There is no problem here.

And, the default address only applies when the Yun is in it's default access point configuration. Once you configure new network settings, either a custom access point or connecting to an existing access point, that address no longer applies. At that point, the address will be defined by the new configuration - in your case, it is defined by your home network's router.

You say the Yun's name is "ardunino" - is that a typo and you mean "arduino"? Either way, did you try combining that with ".local" and using that to reach your Yun? For example "arduino.local" or "ardunino.local"? That should work if you have a Mac or iOS device. If you have Windows, you may have to install Apple's Bonjour client on your computer for it work (it is installed automatically if you have QuickTime or iTunes installed.) For Linux, you may need to install a zeroconf client like Avahi. As far as I know you are out of luck with Android, I don't know of a way to make it recognize ".local" names.

As an alternative, you can configure a static address on the Yun, just make sure it is not used by any other computer and is not in the range of addresses that the router will hand out dynamically. Or, you can set up the DHCP server in the router so that it always hands out the same fixed address every time it sees the Yun's MAC address.

Thank you very much for your detailed answer. As a matter of fact I installed Bonjour and everythink is OK now. Thank you again.