Connecting barcode module engine to Arudino UNO

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum, and would love some guidance or tips for a hobby-project I'm working on. I have some previous experience with Arudino, but mainly using a breadboard and easier sensors and stuff that came in kit's I've bought, and for general testing/learning.

I have the Arduino UNO card, and want to connect it to this small barcode module (bought online);

So, the questions I'm left with are;

  • How do I actually connect this to my Arduino?
  • It has what I think is called a FFC cable attached to it, but I assume Arduino UNO don't have a connector for this(?). Would I need to buy any extra parts, or solder something in order to get this working? If so, what?
  • Any other way to connecting to this?

Sorry if these questions is rather basic, but whereas I have good experience in computer programming, microcontrollers and sensors are new ground for me. I would really appriciate any tips for what route to take.

Best regards,

the web page says it has a USB and serial interface
did you recieve any documentation with the device which describes how to connect it?
if not contact the supplier

Hi horace,

How are you? Thanks for the quick reply. Yes - I contacted the supplier, and got this sheet;
Assembly Guide

It answers some questions, but I would still need some advice as to what route to take as I don't want to wreck the barcode scanner on first attempt.

I have previously made a device similar to the one I'm making on a RaspberyPi with a basic Adafruit USB-barcode device, but would love to learn to make this on the Arduino as well, as the cost and overall size would be much smaller, not to mention that the Arduino seems a better fit for such a project if I can just get my head around the hardware bits :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

if you look at chapter 4 Interface Illustration it shows pin table (plus diagram of device) with
pin 2 5V power
pin 3 ground
pin 4 RX serial receive to pin 18 on Mega
pin 5 TX seriaal transmit to pin 19 on Mega

it later states 115200baud 8 databits no parity 1 stop bit

conect the device to your Arduino and try it
I would suggest a mega using Serial1 and the Uno Software Serial won't work well at 115200baud

also look at pin12 Trigger Control

Thank you so much! You've been of great help, and I'm on the right track.

One questions remain though;

Thank you for suggesting the Arduino Mega for this. I will consider getting it, as I was not aware that the Uno wouldn't work well at 115200baud.