Connecting both a TFT01 Touch Screen and 8-Relayboard to Arduino Mega

Hi Everybody

I am working on a project where I want to control 8 relays using a TFT Touch Screen. I am a molecularbiologist and the goal is to automate a analysis by generating an advanced washing machine, capable of pumping liqued from 7 different reservoirs. After intensive digging in my memory, trying to remember all i learn while owning a commodore 64, I came up with a UI, It loads a program from a SD-card and runs it. The program works fine, however my next challenge is how to power the relay board, while the arduino is still connected to the TFT-01 shield.

Arduino Mega
TFT-01 v.2 Shield
Elecfreaks 4.3" TFT Touch Screen
8-Relay Sainsmart board

I have had to use the analog pins as digital to control the relays, since the shield covers almost all the rest of the pins. However my problem is now how to power the relayboard since the 5v header is covered too.

The only thing i could come up with was forcing a pin down in the header at the 5v along with the pin of the shield. When I power the relayboard using the vcc alone, it turns on but shortly after becomes unstable (Is it pulling to much power?).

Next, I decoupled the JD-vcc on the relayboard, and used an external power supply to power it. this seems to work. The relayboard is stable (no dimming leds), but a slight push to the arduino and it resets.

Now, given that both relayboards and Touch screen controls are so widely used here, there must be some elegant way of handling the power supply of both on the same time???

What is the best way to do this, especially if you want to minimeze the amount of wirering.