Connecting button pad to arduino

Hello all,

I am using an Arduino Uno R3. My goal is to connect a button pad and breakout PCB to the arduino, and use it to control the display on a LCD screen.

I looked at the schematic of the breakout PCB on sparkfun and am unsure on the wiring. For the buttons, I could use any color LED; the only function of the LED is to confirm that the button was pressed and the signal was sent. Based on the schematic, does my plan sound correct:

1) Connect the switch pin from JP1 to Arduino's Vcc 5V. 2) Connect the switch pins form JP5, JP6, JP7, and JP8 to digital I/O pins on the arduino with pull-down resistors.

After this I'm not really sure how to connect the LEDs for each button and how to connect the button pad to the breakout PCB. The schematic shows each button having three different LEDs, which is another thing that confused me.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.