Connecting Buttons, Best Practice


I'm building a Proofing Box for Baking :)

I'm gonna use several parts, and i also need to connect some buttons to control the desired Temp/Humidity.

I'll use Momentary Push-Buttons.

To be specific these

My question is, is it better to assign a separate (digital) I/O pin for each button, or is it better to connect them in parallel with resistors that have different values those i could calculate which button was pressed according to the SUM of R?

I think it will be easier to use the first method, and i do have enough free pins :)

Thanks :)

Use a digital pin per button, and pull-up resistors. You can also use the analog pins as digital pins.

If you need to reduce to number of pins, try an input array with rows and columns. There is a library for keypad. Perhaps you can use that library.

FYI I made a proofing box also for bread and buns. I started out keeping the humidity in check but now just cover the dough with plastic and forget about the humidity. I also use the box for Kefir and yogurt, 2 quarts at a time. I get these at a health food store.

The UNO (if that's what you are using) will surely be adequate.

Thank you both :)

Larry, this is a good idea i will also try and use it for that!

how ever i am also planning to use it for croissant and other laminated dough products, those products can not exceed 28 dgrees celcius, because than the butter will melt out and they will not "puff".

Thanks again :)


..I'm getting hungry :)