Connecting Chirp to Wemos D1 mini


I need guidance to connect a Chirp soil sensor to my Wemos D1 mini. Chirp sensor: The Chirp is hackable to use as I2C slave.

Being a total noob I need some advice and guidance please. Where do I start, by first connecting SCL, SDA etc. to Wemos? Or do I first need to program Chirp separately?

If I can successfully connect to Wemos and get I2C reading then I will be fine with the rest :)

According to the documentation you can simply connect the I2C lines and at least GND and send I2C commands during the first measurement phase to set the device into slave mode.

This topic ended up at the top of my google search on: "wemos chirp sensor". Although I was still missing a working code. I figured it out and want to add to this topic to help others in the future. Check my working code here:

Including a while loop that puts the Chirp into sensor mode. Made for wemos, but a little bit skilled person can change it for other devices If you are planning to use it for other devices, then please consider changing HIGH and LOW for the LED and reset signal.

edit 22:18 - I just discovered this example which is better, however not with a while loop.